Thank you

Thank you to everyone that attended our Back to Basics Series. We managed to squeeze in 19 workshop sessions from 1 August through to mid-November 2020.

It was fabulous to re-connect with P&Cs and principals across the state and make some new friends along the way. A huge thank you to those that hosted us. Your support is invaluable.

We learnt that P&Cs (and the wonderful people that volunteer in them) are incredibly resilient when faced with the challenges 2020 brought us.

You are still there working in your communities to bring them together, supporting your schools and staff, and planning for 2021 with the ‘new normal’ all while managing the additional strain COVID has placed on your personal/family situations.

Thank you all for your amazing efforts and contributions. You remain a source of inspiration for many and we look forward to continuing our support of P&Cs throughout 2021.

Photo pre-COVID

Calendar of events

Events will be advertised on Facebook and other communications channels with registration links available here. Please note that we are complying with COVID directives. Please bring your own mask if you wish.


May events
*Postponed* 15-16 May – Rockhampton Leagues Club
“Connect the Region event” – Connecting Communities and Engaging Parents


June events


*Postponed* Saturday/Sunday 12-13 June – Mercure Townsville
“Connect the Region event” – Connecting Communities and Engaging Parents





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