Photos from the 2018 awards ceremony, held during the P&Cs Qld State Conference on 8 September, will be available soon.


The 2018 winners have now been announced!

If you missed out this year, don’t worry! There is always next year to let us know about all the wonderful work you are doing for your communities!


The P&C of the Year Awards began in 2015 to help celebrate, acknowledge and reward the hard work of P&C members who devote their time to improving the education of children and supporting our state schools. The Awards will not only recognise the valuable work of P&Cs, but also nurture leadership skills and allow for the sharing of knowledge.

The Awards will be presented to P&C associations throughout Queensland that demonstrate excellence and are making a real difference in their school communities.

The awards were launched on 25 May 2018 (P&C Day) and the winners announced at State Conference in September.

Thanks to Awards Sponsor: Commonwealth Bank


2018 State P&C of the Year: St Lawrence State School P&C

2018 P&C of the Year Area Winners

Click below to see the visual presentations from the 2018 Area winners.

Darling Downs South West Area:

Bell State School

South East Queensland Area:

Coomera Rivers State School

Metro North Area:

Hilder Road State School

North Queensland Area:

Hermit Park State School


Central Queensland Area and 2018 P&C of the Year winner:

St Lawrence State School

Metro South Area:

Bulimba State School

North Coast Area:

Bli Bli State School


Message from our sponsor

Commonwealth Bank is proud to be sponsoring the P&C of the Year Awards for the third consecutive year. We’re looking forward to celebrating the amazing work P&C communities across Queensland have accomplished and we wish all nominees the best of luck.

Our work in the Australian school community has always been a highlight for us. Commonwealth Bank has had a long, proud tradition of helping many young Australians learn about the importance of saving and smart money management. Our School Banking Program has been running since 1931 and gives primary schools an easy, fun and interactive way for children to have a basic understanding of core financial values and money management skills. Through the program, kids can bank at school, giving them a hands-on banking experience in an interactive environment.

In 2016/17 financial year more than 326,000 students actively participated in the program.

To make depositing money at school each week even more exciting, kids can participate in our Rewards Program which recognises good savings behaviour and makes savings fun. In addition the program offers fundraising support for participating Schools, during 2016/17 financial year over $2.3 million was paid as part of our School Banking Contributions Program to Australian primary schools. Contributions earned can be used for the schools chosen fundraising activities for example computers, books, sporting equipment or anything else the school may need.