Following the recent launch of its Container Refund Scheme (CRS) pilot program, P&Cs Qld is proud to announce that the first school collections under the pilot were made recently from Chatswood Hills State School and Bellevue Park State School.

The school’s student bodies have been praised for their remarkable efforts which have seen 1,000 eligible containers rapidly fill onsite Return-It bins at Chatswood Hills State School and a huge pile of seventy Envirobank bags being filled at Bellevue Park State School, contributing to a cleaner, greener local environments.

The P&Cs Qld CRS pilot is supported by the Queensland Department of Education. The pilot program is designed to educate students about the importance of recycling, while offering schools an additional income stream through sustainable fundraising.

According to P&Cs Qld, state schools that participate in the CRS pilot will not only benefit from the extra windfall gained in refunds but also improve their reputations as environmentally responsible communities.

“It’s great to see the initiative working for QLD schools already. We are extremely pleased that students under pilot program have started to collect their containers, and are ready to return 1,000s of eligible containers already,” CEO of P&Cs Qld, Kevan Goodworth said.

“Those containers will now be recycled rather than potentially polluting school grounds, parks and waterways.” 

The pilot program will test the viability of the scheme as a long-term, sustainable fundraising and environmental education activity for all Queensland schools. If successful, the program will expand, potentially creating the opportunity for all state schools across Queensland to participate in the Container Refund Scheme.

As drop-off points, schools participating in the P&Cs Qld CRS pilot program can collect eligible containers such as liquid paperboard, cans, and plastic beverage containers. Every eligible container attracts a refund of 10c, generating new revenue that can be used by the school in whatever capacity it deems appropriate.

Chatswood Hills State School Principal, David Teale says their students are enthusiastic about the scheme.

“Since we announced our involvement in the CRS pilot program with P&Cs Qld, the students have really embraced it. They are collecting eligible containers from home, or on school grounds, and are enthusiastic about being environmentally conscious citizens,” Mr Teale said.

“We really welcome initiatives like this and will work hard to ensure the money raised goes back into providing the best facilities and opportunities to all of our students.”

For more information on the P&Cs Qld pilot program, visit our dedicated CRS website.