What really sets P&C Uniforms apart from the competition is our ‘Can Do’ approach to looking after schools, and our ability to maintain excellent working relationships with schools for long periods of time.

P&C Uniforms is a family owned business with a culture of offering personalized service. Brett Mackay-Payne manages the business together with his wife Lilian. The Brisbane office employs an experienced team of staff responsible for design, product development, customer service, and sales.

The operation extends to China – where Lilian’s father manages the Shanghai office which was established in 1998. This is unique because most school uniform companies in Queensland do not have their own operation in China. ‘Coordinating affiliates’ and ‘Joint Ventures’ are used by our competitors to deceive schools into thinking that they can control China uniform production. However these loose arrangements are unable to achieve the same high level of quality control.

Our own Shanghai office employs highly qualified staff, skilled in design, all aspects of apparel production, quality control, and logistics. Their direct management of a chain of carefully selected specialist factories in China gives P&C Uniforms maximum control over production. With supply from P&C Uniforms you will receive your uniforms on time!