On Friday 22 May, state schools throughout Queensland will send a big shout out to the dedicated group of parents, community members and volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make their school a better place for all.

P&C Day, supported by P&Cs Qld and the Department of Education, is held each May during National Volunteer Week, to recognise the generous personal time and effort of Queensland parents and citizens.

P&Cs Qld CEO Kevan Goodworth said P&Cs, like other members of the school community, had faced many challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis and have had to quickly adapt and learn new ways of operating.

“We are very proud of the way P&Cs have been innovating and supporting their school communities throughout this crisis. We have seen fundraising continue via drive-through Mother’s Day stalls and social events such as virtual trivia nights and discos designed to raise spirits.

“Business operations managed by P&Cs such as uniform shops, tuckshops and OSHCs have been especially challenging as staff and volunteers navigate significant financial losses, Jobkeeper requirements and strict social distancing rules and hygiene procedures.

“In our 2019 member survey, we found that each Queensland P&C executive committee team contributed around 10.5 hours per week in volunteer support – an enormous total of more than 13,000 hours each week across the state to help add value to all aspects of their children’s education.”

As state schools are currently unable to hold thank you events such as special assemblies, schools have been encouraged to show their appreciation by other means such as messages on outdoor signage, social media shout outs, certificates and personal thank you notes, phone calls and emails to their valued volunteers.

Queensland Education Minister, Hon. Grace Grace is expected to extend her thanks on behalf of state school communities this P&C Day and encourage Principals and P&Cs to nominate their amazing P&Cs for the 2020 P&C of the Year awards generously sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank.

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