P&Cs support review into consent education

P&Cs Qld, the peak body representing state school parents, supported the Queensland government’s announcement today to review sexual consent education and looks forward to working with the Director General of Education, Principals and other parent groups on this critical issue.

Does the P&C see sexual consent education as crucial?

CEO of P&Cs Qld, Scott Wiseman said, “sex education including education around consent begins with parents and ideally is supported by the community at large and schools as part of their Respectful Relationships Education program.”

Do you welcome the review announced by the state government?

“Yes, absolutely. The recent sexual assault claims reported by past and present students are concerning for any parent and immediate action is warranted and comes as welcome news.”

Do schools need to do more?  

“It is clear from current events that we can all do more. We would encourage parents to start a conversation with their children and their schools to determine if the existing respectful relations education program or supporting Health and Physical education programs adequately cover these issues.

“P&C’s represent the voice of state school parents and should raise any significant issues brought to them by parents, with their Principal.”

Is sexual consent a community issue…do parents/guardians have a place in the conversation?  

“Everyone has a responsibility to practice and understand sexual consent and its implications on individuals and the community.

“Parents/guardians have a very important role in this conversation as their children’s health and safety is their primary responsibility.

How can the P&C or the state government assist parents/guardians with the conversation?

 “P&C’s play a vital role in representing and communicating with school parents and can assist the school to consult with parents and pass on important information. They can also promote and encourage parents to take part in education campaigns such as the Bullying No Way! National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

“Also, under the Student Protection Risk Management policy P&C volunteers and employees are required to report suspicions of harm to children, to their Principal.

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