Media Release

President of P&Cs Qld, Ms Gayle Walters, a member of the Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce formed by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, welcomed the Queensland Government’s announcement that all 29 recommendations of the report had been accepted and $3.5 million would be committed towards tackling the issue.

“Parents, students and the school community have been eagerly awaiting the outcomes of this report after seeking assurance for some time that their concerns around cyber bullying are being taken seriously,” said Ms Walters.

“Moving ahead with these recommendations means that parents will now have a clear idea of what steps all schools must take if their child is affected by cyberbullying and what the consequences are for the perpetrator.

“Schools will also be better resourced to deal with bullying complaints and have a clear process in place on how they should be handled.

“To help further decrease incidents of cyber bullying we are calling on parents to support these measures and actively involve themselves in new education programs to help improve their understanding of the technology and social media behavior.

“As parents we need to remain vigilant and aware of the devastating consequences of negative behavior online and act as a positive role model for our children.”

P&Cs Qld will share more details on its website once the results of the Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce report and its recommendations are released.


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