The number and type of volunteers and service providers will vary from school to school. Citizens and non-educational services providers should be aware of the following.

Volunteers who are not parents and non-teaching service providers will usually need a ‘Working with Children’ Check (Blue Card). Check with your school to establish what is required for the voluntary work you intend to do on the school grounds.

The Code of School Behaviour sets out a fair and consistent standard of behaviour for everyone (parents, students, staff) across all state schools.

Code of Conduct 

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Health and safety programs and initiatives prevent or minimise injuries and illness in schools and departmental workplaces. Establishing effective health and safety management processes help create healthy and safe working and learning environments for staff, students and others.

There is a sign in required for all visitors to DoE sites. Please check in with your school prior to entering the grounds.

Because of their regular contact with students and families, staff in schools play a vital role in:

  • identifying and responding to suspected child abuse and neglect and
  • helping families to access support services that may build on their strengths and address issues impacting on their parenting.

All P&Cs must adopt the student protection policy annual at the Annual General Meeting.

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