Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain.

The parents and citizens’ association at your state school will appreciate any volunteer contribution that you can make. Can you help at tuckshop? Are you interested in an executive role (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer)? Do you like planning or assisting at functions and special events? There are so many ways in which you can help your P&C …

What’s in it for me?

82% of volunteers were delighted, pleased or mostly satisfied with their lives, compared to 75% of non-volunteers.

Volunteering is important for connecting people to career paths and labour markets that are better paid and more stable.

People who volunteered through an organisation (64%) were more likely to provide informal assistance to someone outside their own household than non-volunteers (41%). Over 50% of people listed “help others in the community” as the main reason for volunteering (2011 Census, Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Volunteering in 2010 contributed $25.4 billion to the Australian economy according to Dr Lisel O’Dwyer (University of Adelaide).

Roughly 40% of volunteers are aged between 35-54 years (2011 Census, Australian Bureau of Statistics), with over 3 million women and under 3 million men volunteering. 28% of these from diverse international backgrounds, and 25% speak languages other than English. 48% are partnered and have children and 37% are single with children.

What can I do?

In this fast-paced age, volunteering can take many forms. Some people can give a lot, others have time for just a minute. Some can work during daylight hours, some can only work at night. Work out what kind of volunteering critter you are.

Are you a social media guru? Do you have web skills? Are you able to sell ice to snow-men? Can you swing a hammer or turn a sausage? Work out what your skill is and be prepared to use it.

All you can do is try! And if at first you don’t succeed … try and try again!

You may be asked to join a Principal Selection Panel, which helps to assess the right principal for your school in the instance of a vacancy.

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Attracting Volunteers

P&Cs Qld has produced a promotional brochure to help you attract members to your P&C. You might like to hand these out at orientation days or include them in a welcome pack.

The P&C membership brochure is a standard DL size and has space for you to write or stamp your P&C’s contact details.

For an additional cost, we can print your details on clear labels that you can stick on each brochure.

The brochures are available for purchase now for $12.50/100 brochures plus postage

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