Where do I start?

Every Queensland state school P&C executive officer needs to understand the rules and regulations for P&Cs. P&Cs are governed by the Queensland Department of Education.

The following Department of Education procedure contains a good summary of the legislative framework under which Queensland P&Cs operate, as well as many relevant links.

START HERE: DoE Procedure: P&C Associations

The Department also produces two essential documents – the P&C Constitution and the P&C Accounting Manual – to guide P&Cs through the legislative requirements for state school P&Cs in Queensland. You can find these documents under the “Must read” topic tile on this website.

Scroll down on this page to find specific advice for P&C Presidents, Treasurers and Secretaries.

2021 Executive Members Details

We would like to know who your P&C executive members are following the AGM and throughout the year if they change, so please

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