Student Protection Risk Management Strategy

This Strategy identifies the role and obligations of volunteers and P&C employees while conducting business within a school. The document is based on a number of policies and legislation as outlined in the Strategy and should not be altered, apart from the shaded areas. It should be reviewed annually and endorsed at your P&C AGM.

Ensure that the strategy is easily accessible (for example, on the school website) and include copies of relevant information in your P&C/School Volunteer Register.

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2019 Student Protection Risk Management Strategy

User Guide – SPRM Strategy

Student Protection Fact Sheet

This is a guide for the Executive Committee and the principal to ensure that this strategy is being implemented and processes and procedures outlined in the Strategy are practised and reviewed.

The checklist is to be completed before the AGM of the P&C ready for endorsement at the AGM under General Business.

A copy of the completed checklist must be provided to the principal. This will assist in ensuring that the policy is up to date and members are aware of the requirements.

This is a visual process of reporting suspicions for volunteers and P&C employees and is to be placed in a prominent position in P&C operational areas; tuckshop, OSHC, uniform shop and in the Volunteer Register for easy access.

This can be provided to assist or remind volunteers and P&C employees of the standards of behaviour expected under the Code of Conduct and should be displayed in prominent areas.

Reading and understanding the Student Protection Fact Sheet is the minimum training required of all volunteers and P&C employees as per the Department of Education’s guidelines. The P&C should give a copy of the fact sheet to all volunteers before they volunteer.

Blue cards and other volunteer practices

  • Copy this form onto P&C Association letterhead.
  • Use this pro forma to notify Blue Card Services as soon as there is a change in the person holding the position of president. This ensures that confidential information is only discussed with the person in charge of looking after these documents.
  • The contact person in part A of the application form MUST be the P&C President.
  • The contact address of the person processing the Blue card applications must be the address of the school.

Due to the confidential nature of the information, ensure that the principal has identified a single contact person who will sign and process Blue Card applications for the school and volunteers and collate all Blue Card information.

The P&C president must be the contact person for applications for Blue Cards for P&C employees and will pass a copy of this information on to the authorised person for filing.

A person who already has a Blue Card must supply a copy of the information to the authorised officer for entering in the Blue Card register and for filing.

All volunteers within the school and P&C activities, whether they are P&C Association members or not, MUST sign in and out for each activity at which they volunteer.

A designated person should collect the registers at the end of each term to update files and check that requirements are met.

The volunteer register ensures a number of requirements can be met at once:

  • Blue Card compliance,
  • Access to and acknowledgement of the Student Protection Fact Sheet as part of training,
  • Requirements for insurance purposes and It provides a list of volunteers for expressions of appreciation.

The Volunteer Register could be a folder, which may contain:

  • A number of copies of the Student Protection Fact Sheet
  • A copy of the P&C Student Protection Risk Management Strategy
  • A number of copies of Volunteer Register sign on template
  • A copy of the Flowchart: Volunteer or P&C employee response to suspicion of harm to child or young person
  • A pen

Ensure there is a designated person to look after the Volunteer Register and the information within.

These should be completed for each activity to be conducted by the P&C Association where students are involved. It is recommended that this be completed before the activity is endorsed at a P&C meeting, high-risk activities discussed with the principal and measures put in place to ensure the risk is minimised.

These Plans need to be filed appropriately for easy reference or referral by the P&C president or principal.

Blue card application forms for P&C employees should be processed by the P&C President.

Blue Card Services must be notified if the person in the role of President changes. A form for the purpose can  be found in the SPRM Strategy document.