While serving on the P&C I have taken a strong interest in governance, automation, and knowledge management. I have integrated the uniform shop’s point-of-sale software with our accounting software; I have established a domain and Office 365 environment for the P&C; and I have set up automated entry of invoices/receipts from photographs or PDFs. All these innovations have saved time for parent volunteers while simultaneously improving the amount and quality of the P&C’s records and governance.
Beyond the P&C, I am currently in my second year as Treasurer for the children’s swimming club that operates out of the school. Previously, I served for a year as Treasurer for our local community kindergarten. These organisations, while different to P&Cs, share many of the same challenges: fundraising, volunteer management, managing a limited budget, and managing paid employees who are often also members of the community.
My corporate experience includes managing a 20-million-dollar budget, contract management and governance as well as strategic IT. I am an affiliate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
My observation with P&Cs and volunteer organisations – both directly and as a member of the P&Cs Qld Facebook Discussion Group – has been that a diverse group of parents, who are usually very busy, come into their roles with a very steep learning curve and potentially very little handover or training. Against this background, I see the role of QCPCA as filling a vital need. QCPCA provides a wealth of training materials, policies and other documents, as well as direct support. I am keen to see QCPCA expand and build upon these offerings, particularly in ways that enable P&Cs to improve their practices and processes without increasing the burden on volunteers.
I see a Board membership of QCPCA as an opportunity for me to be a part of an organisation that is making a difference to local P&Cs and the children and the schools that they support.