Shelly is passionate about governance and strategic planning, and has recently implemented her high school’s first ever strategic plan. Shelly was instrumental in encouraging the high school to appoint a parent liaison engagement officer. Shelly has worked hard and has encouraged support from the school council, the P&C and school leaders to increase parent engagement. They have implemented the “Just Do One Thing” letter and have had a huge response with new parents coming on board in various ways to help out and volunteer their time and utilise their skills accordingly.

Shelly is currently teaching at TAFE and has extensive experience in customer service, accounts and executive assistant roles whilst working 28 years in various industries including transport, accountancy, university and flour mills. Shelly enjoys hard work and getting in and having a go: no job is too big or too small. Since being elected to the P&Cs Qld Board, Shelly has joined the Finance, Audit & Risk Committee and is enjoying learning and participating in board decisions.