The COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly. State schools are still open (as at 18 March) but this may change, and the Australian government may put other measures in place.

Unfortunately P&Cs, like all of us, will not be able to plan too far in advance at this stage. We want to assure you that our CEO is in regular contact with the Department of Education and that P&Cs Qld is advocating on your behalf.

Paying casual employees

Employer association Community Management Solutions represents many P&Cs and has advised that under the P&C Award, casual employees who become ill or are directed not to work in the case of a school closure, are NOT entitled to be paid. We understand that P&Cs are concerned that their casual employees will be financially disadvantaged if they are unable to work. However, before making any decision to financially support casual employees who are unable to work, we urge your P&C to consider that we do not know how long the pandemic situation is going to last for, and to wait for the government to announce wage relief packages. There are thousands of casual employees in Australia and we have confidence that the government will put in place measures to support them.

Insurance cover for event cancellations

The P&C insurance package does not include cover for event cancellation. Although P&Cs are able to purchase additional insurance for event cancellation, COVID-19 is now a “known situation” in insurance terms, and no cover can be provided if an event is cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

Going ahead with events

P&Cs Qld advises that P&Cs should follow emergency government measures regarding events of a certain size. As of today (18 March), indoor gatherings of more than 100 people are no longer permitted but it is possible that this may change to gatherings of fewer than 100 people. Your P&C should discuss and make the best decision for your local circumstances as to whether the P&C goes ahead with planned events.

Parent Talk term 2

We will not be printing and mailing the term 2 edition of Parent Talk magazine. A digital version will be available on the P&Cs Qld website and we will email a link to the P&C’s Department of Education email address ( when it has been published towards the end of April.

P&Cs Qld staff working from home

From Monday 23 March until at least 17 April, the staff at the P&Cs Qld State Office will be working remotely. For P&C enquiries, we ask you to contact us by email firstly: or if urgent phone P&C Services Manager Katrina Anderson on 0421 669 792.

For media enquiries or corporate matters, please phone P&Cs Qld CEO Kevan Goodworth on 0419 026 296 or email

Finally, we ask you to remain calm and follow the expert advice of our Departments of Health and the World Health Organisation to minimise the spread of this virus. P&Cs Qld will continue to monitor the situation.

Stay safe and look after those you love.

The team at P&Cs Qld