October 2018

Every child, every chance

Welcome back to term 4 for 2018. As a parent I know how busy this term is, with all the activities, events and final examinations in preparation for moving forward into 2019.



Gayle Walters (centre) and the QCPCA Board


As P&C members, we work in our schools to provide the very best possible outcomes for our students and our communities and it’s very easy to get caught up in the “busy” of the P&C. As the year comes to a close, we all need to recognise and celebrate our successes. Please take a moment to look back and acknowledge everything your community has done to support students. State schools are great schools!

What an amazing Conference we held at the end of Term 3! It was so exciting to see nearly 500 parents, principals and teachers come together to embrace our theme of “Every child, Every chance”. I thank the principals who also joined us at conference and acknowledged the important partnership that parents have in learning. It was great to see a visual representation of the important discussions and design thinking around parent engagement captured by the awesome Dr Sue Pillans.

At Conference, we announced the winners of the P&C of the Year Awards. I congratulate the Area winners, and especially the P&C at St Lawrence State School – the 2018 P&C of the Year. St Lawrence is a school of just nine students where the principal, the parents and the whole community work diligently together. It is an amazing small school with big spirit. Parent engagement is not the work of just the P&C or just the Principal – true parent engagement happens when we all work together.

I was incredibly honoured to receive the State Life Membership award at this year’s conference. I am truly grateful to be able to volunteer, not only in my own P&C but as a representative of all P&Cs across Queensland as QCPCA President. I take this role incredibly seriously, and speak with the voice and strength of our membership when working with our stakeholders to achieve the very best for our kids. As parents, we too often get caught up in the busyness of life, with work, sports, homework, school, kids jobs and their social lives (better than mine – I would say), but we need to know that the very best support our kids can have is us: To be there to listen, to support, to guide, sometimes to help solve, but mostly to lead them and help them grow into adults and future leaders of our country. Take the time to chat and laugh with your kids. Smile and remember that they don’t stay little for long and that you and your behaviours are often modelled by them. Please set the best example you can.

To all our senior students and their families working towards the end of year and end of formal schooling, I wish you every success: may you be guided by your dreams and your passions. To all the P&C executives, members and volunteers, I say a big thank you for everything you have done and achieved in 2018 and wish you all a relaxing, safe and fun-filled Christmas and New Year. If you are travelling please take care, and if you are spending time with family and friends – enjoy!

Gayle Walters, President, on behalf of the QCPCA Board