Term 4 2020


Welcome to Donagh Freestun (Far North Qld Area) and Paul Ruberry (Metro South Area) on their election to the Board and congratulations to Sally Whelan (Central Qld Area) on her re-election. Thank you to all those who were nominated to the Board. We appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time to P&Cs Qld and its mission to ensure every child has every chance.

Thank you to all who attended our online AGM and those who voted on the motions, as well as the P&Cs Qld staff that worked hard to organise a very non-standard AGM. I’m looking forward to our AGM next year being back at conference with you all.

One of our roles is to advocate on behalf of parents and P&Cs in Queensland to ensure every child has every chance. Over the last few months, the CEO and I have been meeting with the Minister for Education, Shadow Minister for Education, Director General and many people throughout Queensland Department of Education.

I would like to thank them all for their time and especially the Department for their openness and willingness to work with us. We all have the same goals to see the best outcomes for our students wherever they may be in Queensland.

In many of these discussions we presented our advocacy position statements, strategic plan drafts and COVID impact survey. Of note from the survey results, 90% of fundraising activities have been cancelled or postponed with an estimated $29M in funds that P&Cs would normally have raised.

The Board has reviewed our policy statements that have been updated and available on the P&Cs Qld website. In our first priority area, Developing greater engagement between schools, school leadership and communities, the first position statement is:

P&Cs Qld recognises the work undertaken by the Government in the establishment of Queensland’s Parent and Community Engagement Framework (PACEF) and supports the continuing reinforcement of the importance of its implementation through P&Cs, principals, teachers and community.

Learning@home led to higher engagement between parents and teachers as true partners in learning, and we want to be able to continue that achievement. Fortunately, great amounts of research have been done, all of which is available in the PACEF (which can be found on the Department’s website) that outlines how this can happen.
There are five elements of the PACEF:

  • Communication
  • Partnerships with parents
  • Community collaboration
  • Decision-making
  • School culture

We will work to continue promoting this and advocating for parental involvement in education.

I had the privilege of being part of the Showcase Board, which is the Queensland Department of Education’s Awards for Excellence in Schools. It was great to see so many amazing programs, accomplishments, and outcomes that are occurring across the state, from our dedicated teachers, principals, support staff and communities. This year, being a bit different (understatement), the full presentation was streamed online. You can find it on the Department’s website or YouTube.

Matthew Rowan, President, on behalf of the QCPCA Board