As school resumes for 2021, P&Cs across Queensland have been focused on bringing back community building and fundraising events.

COVID-safe guidelines introduced during 2020 meant parents and volunteers often weren’t allowed on school grounds. This caused state school P&Cs to cancel or postpone fundraising plans and events which impacted the funds they would normally contribute to their school community.

A survey conducted in July last year concluded that COVID restrictions resulted in over 90% of traditional fundraising activities such as annual fetes, election sausage sizzles, etc. being cancelled or postponed during 2020. P&C business operations such as tuckshops, uniform shops and outside school hours care were also significantly impacted.

CEO of P&Cs Qld, Scott Wiseman said, “the lifting of restrictions and returning confidence has allowed P&Cs to begin planning community and fundraising events again,”

“Pre-Covid, P&Cs contributed up to $40 million statewide to support state schools and student education”.

Thankfully, business operations such as uniform shops, tuckshops and OSHCs have also returned to a new normal, with COVID-safe hygiene practices, and more online facilities for ordering and payments”.

“And parents have been welcomed back on school grounds with many P&Cs hosting onsite ‘welcome BBQs and picnics’ to introduce new parents to the school community and their P&C.”

A recent poll of members revealed that many are still cautious about planning larger events such as the traditional fete, and instead are opting for fundraisers that are online based, require fewer volunteers and are easily adapted to cater for any future COVID restrictions or outbreaks.

The 2021 poll results show Mother’s & Father’s Day stalls are the most popular fundraisers being planned for 2021, followed by colour runs, raffles and the seeking of grant funding.

“P&Cs are made up of volunteers who provide essential ongoing support to their state school. They are keen to make up for last year’s absence of fundraising due to COVID and are busily planning to rebuild community activities, provide classroom supports and support student welfare initiatives.”

“We encourage as many state school parents as possible to get actively involved in their P&C and volunteer to help out. Talk to your local P&C and lend a hand to help us all ensure every child every chance to a great education.”

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