Greenlands State School & Magnetic Island State School:
P&Cs of the Month for February 2021

Greenlands State School P&C was the Band 6/7 winner and Magnetic Island State School was the Band 6/7 runner-up of the 2020 P&C of the Year Awards. 

A devastating drought, bushfires and COVID-19 made the 2019/20 school year very difficult for many school communities, including Greenlands. After six months of planning and preparation in 2019 the P&C was forced to cancel their biggest annual fundraiser – the Greenlands Trail Ride.

Despite this blow to their fundraising plans the P&C rose to the occasion and redirected their efforts towards alternative community events rather than relying on having parents put their hands in their pockets.

They teamed up with local businesses and the Queensland College of Wine Tourism to hold a Melbourne Cup Day High Tea. The P&C also joined forces with Stanthorpe State High School to provide breakfast for the Variety Bash.

The P&C’s ultimate goal was to assist their community by providing all resources to 100+ students including all stationary, books and learning platforms.  They also heavily subsidised camps, excursions and internal curriculum activities.

Greenlands State School P&C








All Magnetic Island State School P&C activities are focused on providing a positive, supportive and functioning school community, to empower children, teachers, parents and community members to contribute to the social fabric of the school, and to produce an outstanding, creative and environmentally sustainable learning environment.

This has been achieved through more educational resources, learning spaces like the ‘Chill Zone’, and actively supporting environmentally sustainable practices through containers for change, event recycling programs and creating recyclable products such as school shopping bags.

Magnetic Island State School P&C









Begonia State School:
P&C of the Month for November 2020


Begonia SS P&C was a Band 5 finalist in the 2019 P&C of the Year Awards.

Begonia SS is a small but mighty bush school with 10 students, located 75km north of St George and 125km south west of Roma. 100% of the parents and staff are active members of the P&C.
The P&C knew that their community needed a boost after suffering from the ongoing effects of the drought. They also needed to raise funds for a much-needed multipurpose court upgrade and decided to find a way to tie the two together.

They came up with the idea of hosting an Art Show and Auction, where students could learn new skills producing artworks, local artists could showcase their work, and the whole community could come together for a special day out. In exchange for donating an item for auction, artists were invited to exhibit and sell artworks. The P&C aimed to raise funds through tickets sales and auction proceeds.

P&C members called on family, community and friends. The local community sports club provided the venue and local artists contributed works to exhibit and auction, as well as spreading the word to artists outside the region. Everyone got involved: equipment was loaned; students created professional and unique artworks with the help of a retired art teacher; mums, grandmothers and friends created delicious canapés; P&C members sourced artworks, sold tickets and helped to set up.

The end result was a hugely successful event that raised enough to complete court upgrades of rebound wall, retaining wall and nets.


Burpengary State School:
P&C of the Month for October 2020

While the Burpengary SS P&C has many achievements, including partnering in a $1.5M hall renovation, and Phase 1 of a whole school air-conditioning project, it is a smaller project that connected the school with the community that makes them most proud.

The P&C built a “Monument of Honour”, to remember the 48 past students who served in conflicts from World War I onwards.

The project began during planning for the school’s 140th Centenary, when the P&C identified nine WWI soldiers who were past-Burpengary SS students. Students connected the names of the returned servicemen with those of local streets, parks and creeks. The soldiers’ stories were integrated into the school’s ANZAC Day observances, and on the following day, 300 students marched in uniform in the local community parade.

The Schools Officer, a veteran of Afghanistan, was inspired to approach the Principal with a proposal for a memorial at the school. The P&C began further research into past-students who had been involved in conflicts after WWI and sought grants to fund the project, which included a life-sized statue of a soldier, a plaque with the names of the past students who had served in WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam, and two flagpoles.

The final version, with individual plaques honouring each past student and a native garden, took 18 months to complete and was built by hand at the school.


Woombye State School:
P&C of the Month for September 2020

In their Awards entry, Woombye State School P&C told us how they had been working to rejuvenate the school grounds by adding colour and new facilities to inspire creativity, socialising, and spaces for recreation.

After consulting with teachers, parents and students, the P&C identified a need for colour and positive reinforcement, lack of outdoor equipment, and need for facilities to rest, learn and engage. They then focussed on three separate projects: murals, seating and a new playground.

The P&C sought donations of paint, then coordinated with a local artist, school students and local high school students to transform weathered Besser-block walls with murals and messages of encouragement.

After two years of fundraising, the P&C funded a new playground that solved crowding problems and has encouraged students’ self-confidence, fitness and imaginative play.

Lastly, the P&C tackled the issue of the school having no tables for outdoor studies, special lessons, or for the students to use for eating and socialising. They worked with the school staff to identify locations on the school grounds that would benefit from outdoor seating, won a $9000 grant and were able to use a local company to install picnic tables and bench seats.

All three significant projects have improved the atmosphere of the school, with students enjoying their time at school in a safe and positive environment.


Sandgate State School:
P&C of the Month for August 2020

The Sandgate State School P&C were the Band 8 winners in the 2019 P&C of the Year Awards. They identified the need to invigorate the school’s facilities to more creatively connect with and engage a diverse student population. They focussed on progressing the school’s vision to convert an unused space into a visual arts precinct.

The P&C held working bees, used funds from their Carnivale and won a grant to contribute towards the two-year project. Another grant was won for the purchase of art supplies and child-sized easels. The P&C furthered their commitment to creative student engagement for social inclusion with its Art from the Heart project and yet another winning grant application. These funds supported an artist-in-residence program, in which students designed and created a mural with their assigned artist in different locations throughout the school.

The art space was opened to much positive acclaim from students, parents and staff. It offers a purpose-built space for assessment activities, is a well-utilised hive of activity during lunchbreaks for students, supervising staff and volunteer parents, and offers an important space for the completion of one-off projects. The art space also has the potential for use by interested community groups.


Yorkey’s Knob State School:
P&C of the Month for July 2020

The P&C at Yorkey’s Knob State School transformed their tuckshop into a food service business that contributes almost no waste to landfill, in support of the Student Council which declared that the school should create zero waste at lunch times.

After meeting with the Student Council, the P&C reviewed their tuckshop practices and began to implement changes. They separated paper and plastics for recycling, began to collect compostable waste and researched reusable containers. A $1000 grant enabled the P&C to purchase containers, cutlery, cups and reusable baking sheets. The P&C then started a loyalty card program to encourage students to return containers, achieving a return rate close to 100%.

Community feedback about sustainability in the tuckshop was fantastic and the outside school hours care service is now a part of the Zero Waste scheme as well.


Belgian Gardens State School:
P&C of the Month for March 2020

Belgian Gardens State School P&C in Townsville were the Band 9 winners and P&C of the Year in 2019.

The school is focused on reef sustainability and ecology with students contributing to this focus by breeding clown fish and seahorses through the “Reef BG” program.

The P&C sought feedback from the school as to how it could contribute to the school’s environmental focus and, after considering the feedback, decided to set up an annual funding scheme to contribute to the Reef BG program. To reinforce this focus on sustainability, the P&C established a “containers for change” program and a battery recycling program. They designed reusable coffee cups for teachers, sourced biodegradable products for the tuckshop and removed plastic straws.

The tuckshop had a facelift and a parent painted a mural on the outside and surrounds of the space. The P&C has created a community hub by building the “Shoal Café” – a seating area opposite the tuckshop and offers healthy eating choices in environmentally friendly packaging.


Morningside State School:
P&C of the Month for February 2020

The Morningside SS P&C won the YMCA Inspiration Award at the 2019 P&C of the Year Awards, for their efforts in getting the community together following a traumatic event.

In October 2018, fire destroyed a significant part of Morningside SS. The P&C recognised that they had a crucial role to play in the recovery process and worked to absorb some of the shock of the fire while also becoming the public face of the tragedy. The P&C executives made media appearances, re-opened their building fund to take donations, were active on social media and appeared weekly at assembly to bring cheer and distractions.

The school fete was due to happen only two weeks after the fire, but cancelling was not an option for the P&C members, who resolved to make the event bigger and better. P&C President Suzanne Newman said, “Our united approach and commitment to the cause enabled us to achieve extraordinary results. We were able to host an event three times the size of our regular school fete. The fire enabled us to showcase our collective talents and strength, and highlighted how important P&Cs are to building stronger communities.”


Hermit Park State School:
P&C of the Month for January 2020

Hermit Park SS P&C were the Band 9 finalists in the 2019 P&C of the Year Awards.

The P&C identified that students and teachers needed financial assistance to implement small projects that were not covered in the school’s limited budget. The P&C established the “HPSS P&C Innovative Project Funding Grant”, where $1,500 is allocated each term to fund a school-related project or initiative. Any staff member with an idea they wish to bring to the classroom, year level or whole school community can apply, with the funds applied to projects that enhance the teaching and learning environment. Projects can range from entrepreneurial notions to ones that are steeped in best-practice research, or they can be something that will make the staff’s teaching and children’s learning environment a better place to be.

Under the scheme, the P&C has supported projects such as an outdoor learning space designed and created by the students; creation of a resource hub for Science and Mathematics; as well as purchasing big books, LEGO Mindstorms set, and djembe drums.


Eight Mile Plains State School:
P&C of the Month for December 2019

Eight Mile Plains SS P&C were the Band 6/7 winners in the 2019 P&C of the Year Awards.

This P&C has long been passionate about fostering a love of reading among its students. Following the news that they would be losing their Teacher Librarian they knew they would have to work collaboratively with the Principal and staff to reduce the impact felt by the loss of this valuable resource. With the support of the released Teacher Librarian & four local children’s authors Book Week was reimagined.

The Library was transformed into a ‘Treasure Island’. Each child received a Treasure Map and met the four guest authors to receive clues. The P&C gifted every child a copy of the book the guest author read to their class.

Determined to keep creating beautiful and fun reading environments the P&Cs purchased new furnishings for the library thanks to a grant and introduced the innovative ‘Book Buddies’ program so that children could be read to once or twice a week under trees in the courtyard before school.

Eager for the role of Teacher Librarian to be reintroduced into the school they researched best practices for this role to inform a new Position Statement and in a recent motion voted to help fund a part time position.


Eatons Hill State School:
P&C of the Month for November 2019

Eatons Hill SS P&C were the Band 10/11 finalist in the 2019 P&C of the Year Awards.

With almost 1120 students, Eatons Hill SS relies on a strong relationship with the parent community. The P&C realised it needed a clear vision, an effective business model and a communications plan which connected with school leadership, parents, volunteers and the wider community. Their transformation began three years ago with highly engaged staff joining them on an innovative improvement journey.

Since then the P&C has:

  • increased membership from 25 to 80
  • achieved an ‘exceeding assessment’ for their OSHC
  • held many community events and parent meet-and-greets
  • expanded communication channels
  • introduced a volunteer recognition scheme
  • made a $1.2 million investment in capital improvements, air-conditioning, School Chaplain, iPads, a new P&C/OSHC building and a tractor to name a few


Prenzlau State School:
P&C of the Month for October 2019

Prenzlau SS P&C were the Band 5 winners in the 2019 P&C of the Year Awards.

Prenzlau P&C supported the school’s vision for a Nature Play area by raising funds to buy resources and equipment, and volunteering time and labour to make it happen. The team worked closely with the Principal, considering students ideas, research and attending a professional development day. They attribute their success to working successfully as a team collaborating with parents, students, staff and wider community to achieve their vision of a space that would allow students to develop a love of the outdoors and to learn to respect and understand the environment both locally and globally. Instead of being restless and argumentative following lunch times they were challenged through play to become independent, resilient and confident risk-takers ready to take on life when they leave their amazing little school.


Inglewood State School:
P&C of the Month for September 2019

The Inglewood SS P&C were Darling Downs South West Area entrants in 2018.

“The Inglewood State School P&C Association works very closely with the school community to help achieve amazing outcomes for the students of our small, rural community. We present a reliable and enduring support for the school community in achieving the goal of continual improvement through a strong and positive presence in the school.”

The P&C has a great idea for building community spirit in their “Student vs P&C” sports. Each term, the students select-a sport and the date, and the P&C recruit a team and have a ball trying to beat the kids! Each game involves between 10–15 P&C representatives, a handful of parent/grandparent onlookers, and often a majority of the school’s students spectating (a huge event in a school of 150 students).

School Principal Felicity Ditchburn said “There is no student across our school that isn’t positively impacted by the work of our dedicated P&C. We are so lucky that our learning environment, culture and student education is at the forefront of every decision made by the P&C. Our P&C continuously proves to be a consultative body that allows rigorous discussion about the ongoing direction and improvement of Inglewood State School.”

P&C President Stacey Gall said, “[Our Principal] has been particularly proactive in promoting her open door policy. Most parent and student concerns are now sorted without even taking them to a meeting. This, coupled with our advertising of meeting agendas, has allowed us to work to resolve many issues efficiently, without lengthy meeting discussion. We have found that meeting length and number of attendees are inversely proportional, so if we are able to keep our meetings under an hour, the number of members who regularly attend inevitably increases. This of course, has an enormously positive effect on the strength of our P&C and the impact we can have on working with the school to improve the education of our children.”

Bli Bli State School:
P&C of the Month for August 2019

Bli Bli SS P&C were the North Coast winners in the 2018 Awards. They told us about their focus on family engagement:

“We are dedicated in our efforts to engage the school community in school activities and we do this in a number of ways:

  • active P&C Facebook page that we use to communicate all school and P&C events
  • annual invitation to all families to participate in P&C activities via the “Just One Thing” letter, which is given out in all enrolment packs and to all families at the beginning of the school year
  • active P&C role in the extensive Prep Orientation program annually.

We are proactive in welcoming new attendees to meetings and make a point to personally welcome new members and follow up with them to forge strong relationships.

One of the things we strive for is our commitment to meet the needs of our community as well as ensuring best practice across our businesses.”

School Principal Gerard Quinn said “I have been a Principal for 31 years, in nine different schools of varying sizes and complexities in several regions across the state. In what I can only describe as ‘one of a kind’, the P&C’s commitment to the students and families of our school was immediately evident on my arrival 4½ years ago and has only increased exponentially since then in their governance and delivery of tangible outcomes for the school community.”


Bundaberg North State High School:
P&C of the Month for July 2019

Bundaberg North SHS P&C were a North Coast Area entrant in the 2018 P&C of the Year Awards. In their nomination, the P&C described how they have worked to increase membership numbers.

“[For several years] we struggled with P&C numbers. At the end of 2016, we decided to try to improve our numbers, so the whole committee (treasurer and president) attended the school meet and greet at the beginning of 2017 and highlighted our goals and improvements. We handed out little flyers with dates of our meetings for the year. At our next P&C meeting we had 10 new parents attend – this has never happened before at our school. New members are still attending this year, so we are extremely happy with this result.

We applied for a $35,000 grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund to renovate our tuckshop (full refurbishment). Doubling the size of our tuckshop enabled us to offer self-service for our students. This made it easier to run the tuckshop, requiring fewer volunteers and making it much quicker to serve the students.

This has dramatically increased sales, which is our major source of funds.”


Coomera Rivers State School:
P&C of the Month for June 2019

Coomera Rivers SS P&C were the South East Area winners in 2018.

The P&C engages the school community by maintaining consistent consultation and communication processes, transparent operations and maintaining accountability for decisions and operations.

School Principal, Vic Graham, highlighted these aspects of the P&C:

Professional levels of service to our community: Our P&C serves as the vehicle for parent and community input and response to what happens at our school and community. The executive reflect our three school values of Service, Action and Respect in all they do. The executive is highly visible at school and wear school badges to indicate their role, but they are also accessible to families and community daily whether in person, phone, Facebook and email. They are humble and gracious, hungry for opportunity to improve and support our school and community and smart in the development of their processes and networks. They are extremely proud of our school.

One school: Our governance model values equally the partnership between staff, P&C and School Council and while each plays a different role, the clarity of purpose is vivid. We have just one school and we are here for learning.

Cohesive leadership: In just its eighth year of service to our community, our P&C leadership and governance has seen a number of transformations as our school continued to grow in enrolments and complexity (261 to 1422 students in late 2017). Coomera Rivers remains one of the largest single campus Prep–Year 6 schools in Australia.

Gowrie State School:
P&C of the Month for May 2019

Gowrie State School P&C were Darling Downs South West entrants in the 2018 Awards.

When asked about their engagement with parents and community, the P&C said that they “take promoting and growing the school spirit in conjunction with the school itself as a key driver in all our activities and is why we exist. We recognise that within the school community, people have varied skills, available time and drive to assist. We take the view that as a whole community every little bit of help culminates in the job getting done and by identifying people for individual roles they are more comfortable with, people leave with a sense of achievement and tend to become that bit more involved next time. This philosophy is encompassed in our goal: Communicate, promote and celebrate fundraising activities and volunteers’ involvement.”

With all events, the P&C aims to:

  • be clear in its purpose
  • showcase the school and its values
  • engage school and wider community, including student leadership team and staff
  • leave all involved (both volunteers and participants) feeling good about participating
  • be transparent and celebrate the outcomes of each event.


Hilder Road State School:
P&C of the Month for April 2019

Hilder Road SS P&C were the Metro North winners in the 2018 P&C of the Year Awards.

In their entry, the P&C told us that they provide opportunities for volunteers to contribute time, knowledge, skills, and competencies to establish and run projects, fundraisers and activities for the enhancement and development of the school environment and facilities. They maintain an open and inviting atmosphere at meetings to encourage involvement and thank volunteers each year in December with a morning tea as a means of recognising their efforts and contributions to the school community.

In 2018, the P&C invited the school community to contribute to the P&C’s direction through a feedback survey. 33% of school families provided their opinions, ideas and feedback. Key outcomes from the survey were integrated into the P&C’s Strategic Plan for 2018–2020.

School Principal, Jodie Watts, said “Hilder Road State School is a high-performing and highly-regarded school with a focus on assisting students to ‘achieve success within a culture of care’. Many of the initiatives, programs, facilities and resources that are valued within our school and wider community would not have been possible without the generous support of the P&C Association.”


St Lawrence State School:
P&C of the Month for March 2019

St Lawrence State School is a remote Central Queensland school located 183 km north of Rockhampton and 156 km south of Mackay. The school has nine students across the seven year levels with an eKindy and playgroup operating with the support of the P&C. The townships’ population is just 100 people. St Lawrence SS P&C were the overall winners in the 2018 P&C of the Year Awards.

In their nomination, the P&C said, “Although we are a small P&C of only six members, the P&C is an integral part of the school community and aims to support our students, staff and community in alignment with their values and spirit [embodied in] our school motto: Knowledge, Truth, Honesty. We work in partnership with the school and we help each other reach goals which provide benefits for our students.”

The P&C is an integral part of the community, working with the local hotel to hold pool competitions and raffles, holding regular music nights and a movie night, and providing catering for regional events. The P&C’s weekly “Community Tuckshop” uses local produce to produce home-cooked meals, which community members are invited to enjoy with the school’s students.

School Principal James Morley said, “The P&C operate with a collaborative approach with the school to benefit school and student outcomes. The P&C executive operate with full knowledge of the school’s strategic direction and this helps to inform the decisions they are able to make. The P&C work above and beyond what is asked of them to ensure our students receive the very best opportunities.”


Hermit Park State School:
P&C of the Month for February 2019

Hermit Park State School P&C were the North Queensland winners in the 2018 P&C of the Year Awards.

In their nomination, they said “HPSS P&C is focused on assisting the school to provide the very best primary school education for our children, provide parents with the opportunity to communicate their needs to the school, provide the school with financial support for new educational programs and initiatives, and full and part funding of large infrastructure projects that are not covered in the school’s budget, and operate a successful Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) facility and Uniform Shop.”

“The spirit of Hermit Park State School (HPSS) is one of community engagement in whole-of-school activities. HPSS P&C aims to operate in a collaborative relationship with members of the P&C, parents, teachers and the school administration to benefit the school’s ongoing aspirations, development and overall improvement. HPSS P&C provide many regular social activities that involve the entire school community to enhance community relationships and foster cooperation and trust between everyone involved at HPSS.”

Regular social activities include the annual “Big Breakfast” (attended by around 1000 people), trivia night and family fun day, plus a P&C morning tea each term. The P&C also has a designated Communications Officer, who ensures that the P&C is represented on the school’s Facebook page and in the school newsletter.

North Keppel Island EEC:
P&C of the Month for January 2019

North Keppel Island Environmental Education Centre received the “Inspiring P&C” Award, sponsored by YMCA OSHC, in the 2018 P&C of the Year Awards.

Because an environmental education centre (EEC) has no permanent students, the P&C is comprised of interested community members and teachers, rather than parents.

North Keppel EEC’s P&C operates on a weekend roster system, with volunteers travelling to the island to complete many and varied tasks to assist the school and maintain the natural amenity of the island, such as beach restoration and site maintenance. Volunteers are usually limited to a few each weekend, and occasionally a larger group is organised for more major projects.

P&C members (currently 52) have varied backgrounds and experiences but their common goals are to foster and nurture the natural amenity of North Keppel Island and provide assistance to the EEC to continue their environmental education of visiting students. Individual skills are utilised in different ways at the Centre e.g. organising guest speakers for students, or in one case the publication of the history of North Keppel Island.

Principal Roger Searl said, “The P&C extends the NKIEEC operation in the local community by being a community resource to build capacity in the understanding and implementation of sustainable development.”

“The contribution of the P&C to grounds work and maintenance is significant and provides a cost benefit. Winning of funding grants enables the acquisition of equipment, building extensions and other items that would not have otherwise been possible.”

Upper Brookfield State School:
P&C of the Month for December 2018

Upper Brookfield State School P&C was a Metro North Area entrant in the 2018 Awards.

Upper Brookfield State School is a small school with only 23 families making up the parent body. Currently there are 17 families represented by a parent P&C member, making 73% of the total parent body. The school’s mantra sits around the concept of Nurture the Nest: nurture self, nurture others, nurture the environment. The P&C’s involvement reflects the nurturing sense of community which is central to the school.

The school has a number of students with high needs and these families are both welcomed and supported by the P&C. Issues relating to inclusion – social events, sport, after school activities – are discussed with the need to nurture these families.

The P&C provides improved services to families and students both through direct funding and skills. In a small school it is a challenge to do this but its record speaks for itself.

School Principal, Aaron McDonnell, said “Arriving at Upper Brookfield State School at the beginning of 2018 it was immediately apparent that there is a close bond between the school, the P&C and the wider community. In a short walk around the school site, the physical thumbprint of the work of the P&C over a lengthy and sustained period of time is impossible to miss. The most eye-­catching features are the beautiful grounds and the facilities that have only been possible due to the support and work of the P&C. From playgrounds, tennis courts, sitting areas, landscaping, gardens, pathways, sandpits and shade structures, the combined total input of the P&C has ensured that our students attend a school with a warm, engaging and aesthetically pleasing environment.”

Bulimba State School:
P&C of the Month for November 2018

Bulimba State School P&C was the Metro South Area winner in the 2018 P&C of the Year Awards.

The P&C has continued to focus on school and community engagement by organising events which not only raise funds for the school, but encourage wide participation from sponsors and attendees, such as the Inflatable Games, trivia night and the inaugural “Bulimba Burn and Christmas Markets”.

The P&C successfully secured sponsorship from a local business to enable us to invite Rebecca Sparrow to our school to deliver three sessions on “Our kids and the digital world”. The school was able to offer the sessions free-of-charge to Years 5 and 6 students, teachers, and a community forum in the evening. The invitation to attend was sent out to many other schools and organisations, with over 120 people participating in the evening session.

The P&C, school leadership team and parent volunteers, in conjunction with the State Government, have been working tirelessly to build a new pool facility at the school and have completed the design phase.

Principal Michael Zeuschner said “The Bulimba State School P&C Association has provided effective, responsive, consultative and planned support of our school in the areas of learning, infrastructure, services and community development.

Learning has been enhanced at our school through the P&C financial support and community engagement strategy. An example of this is the P&C STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) Sub-Committee, with the school, has been able to provide a range of in school and out-of-school hours digital technology sessions and entrepreneurial programs for students.”

Bell State School:
P&C of the Month for October 2018

Bell State School P&C was the Darling Downs South West Area winner in the 2018 P&C of the Year Awards.

In their nomination, the P&C said that they were “proud to be one of the four pillars that provides a firm foundation for the 85 students of our wonderful school. We join staff, the Student Council and the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) team to support our students to meet the school expectation to be Safe, Respectful and Active Learners.”

The P&C’s three-year business plan details projects such as an enhanced library/resource centre; active after-school programs; enhanced IT resourcing; enabling opportunities for learning; and becoming an e-kindy school. The P&C also runs major fundraisers/community events such as the Bell Triathlon which attracted 145 entrants in its first year, the Bell Bunya Trail Bike Ride and the Bell Community Christmas Party.

The school’s principal said, “The Bell State School P&C committee plays a very important and active role in our school … The hard work of the committee and volunteers allows all of our students to participate in events that require a significant amount of travel at a subsidised rate. Being in a small rural community, it’s vital that our students get the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of experiences through camps and excursions and the hard work and support of our P&C allows us to do that.”

Strathpine West State School:
P&C of the Month for September 2018

Strathpine West State School P&C were a North Coast entrant in the 2017 P&C of the Year Awards.

The School Principal said “The SWSS P&C Executive are an extraordinary group of individuals who work together as a team to lead the school parent community. They all have full-time employment, yet are able to find time to run the Outside School Hours Care program and organise and manage a range of events to support the family-oriented culture of the school.”

“Another feature of note is that the P&C executive team have built sustainability in their team. At the beginning of 2017 two executive members moved on and the P&C functioning has been seamless. The P&C executive are supported by a dynamic group of parents who work extremely hard to ensure the parent voice is heard and supported across the school.”

The P&C have provided facility enhancements and this year are committed to air conditioning the school. I have always found them to be supportive of me personally and absolutely committed to the supporting the students and families of the school.”

Achievements include:

  • Christmas concert and fireworks
  • beautifying the front of the school – removing trees and bushes, building a new bus shelter shed and fence
  • providing financial resources for the purchase of robotics equipment and school curriculum resources for students
  • running the school shop (canteen and uniform)
  • facility enhancements e.g. air conditioning all classrooms
  • communicating with the parent community through the SWSS P&C Facebook page.


The Caves State School:
P&C of the Month for August 2018

The Caves SS P&C was the Central Queensland Area winner in the 2017 P&C of the Year Awards.

The Caves State School is a small semi-rural school with 61 families whose like-minded goal is for the foundation, education and safety not only of their child, but for the children in the whole school community. The school has an enrolment of 90 children, allowing the P&C to work closely with parents, keeping them regularly informed and up-to-date. The P&C has 35 members, which is an incredible effort for such a small school.

The P&C said “Our school has a very positive and friendly environment where our parents and school community are encouraged to openly voice their thoughts and ideas without fear of ridicule or judgement. This allows the P&C to work closely with staff and parents to foster a safe and supportive school community with one mutual goal; to nurture our children’s education today to help them become engaged and active members of our community tomorrow. We believe it takes a village to educate a child, and our parents and wider school community are an integral part of that.”

In their nomination form, the Principal said “Our P&C is invaluable. Without it, the connection between parents and the school would not be as good or effective. The Caves State School P&C works tirelessly to contribute to the school in many ways including but not limited to, financially, socially and with the curriculum. They also support our extra-curricular programmes.”


Mooloolaba State School:
P&C of the Month for July 2018

Mooloolaba SS were the North Coast winners and State P&C of the Year for 2017.

In their nomination, the P&C said “Collaboration and communication is the essential foundation to the success at MSS. We have a strong core of volunteers heading the executive committee, each with invaluable skill sets in different areas. We try to spread the workload and have different executives overseeing the different parts of the association i.e. OSHC and tuckshop. Each month the executives come together to discuss matters pertaining to their areas and brainstorm ways to move forward. Following this meeting the P&C President and the Principal meet to discuss these matters and school topics affecting parents and students. They also meet with a grants writer each term to discuss grant opportunities.”

“Important school matters are always communicated with the P&C and to the school community through both the school and P&C newsletters. Parents are always informed of and invited to attend our P&C meetings. If they are unable to attend, we welcome ideas, suggestions and feedback via the Class Rep system.”

Principal, John Turner, said “The dedication of Mooloolaba SS P&C Association is exemplary. The P&C consistently demonstrates outstanding care and support for both our school and our community. Greatly improved communication between parents, teachers, school administration and the school community, has further supported the effectiveness of school operations and these vital partnerships.”

“Strengthened support for the school with greater success in fundraising activities and community engagement, has directly resulted in increased resourcing for facilities and equipment leading to improved learning outcomes and pastoral care for our students.”

Atherton State High School:
P&C of the Month for June 2018

Atherton SHS P&C were a Far North Queensland entrant in the 2017 Awards.

In their nomination, the P&C stated that their engagement with the school community “begins early and is delivered on multiple fronts.”

“The P&C engages strongly with all transition events helping new students and parents orient to Atherton High. This includes presentations at transition evenings, school tours and providing resources in partnership with the school, for example, an information sheet on BYOX.”

The P&C also engages with the teachers and staff before the school year begins: “We present an interactive talk communicating the aspirations and expectations the community has of their school, their gratitude for the work teachers do and their desire to interact at all opportunities.”

In 2016/17, the P&C and the school collaborated on two new initiatives to enhance engagement – offering Zoom videoconferencing and encouraging and supporting development of a “Parent Masterclass”, a well-attended program that outlined how parents can best support their students in their learning.

According to the Principal, “the P&C is actively engaged in providing authentic feedback about the school’s strategic planning”.

“Through the development of a mature, honest and trusting relationship, the P&C provide real feedback which I can use to address issues.”

Magnetic Island State School:
P&C of the Month for May 2018

Magnetic Island SS P&C were the North Queensland Area winners in the 2017 Awards.

The P&C has developed a 5-year strategic plan with a clear vision for the school to provide “a positive, supportive and functioning school community that empowers children, teachers, parents and community members to contribute to the social fabric of the school …”

Key outcomes that the P&C has achieved in the first year of the strategic plan include:

  • implementing a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program
  • establishing a propagation and nursery area for growing plants
  • installing a sensory “happy reading space”
  • maths tuition for parents to help them support their children with homework.

P&C funds, including several grants, have been directed towards iPads and laptops, prep hats, bikes (for bike safety), and sports equipment and shirts for the rugby team, among other things.

The P&C has also increased the number of meetings they hold, going from the minimum of six meetings a year to monthly and, as a result, increasing the number of active members significantly.

“The Magnetic Island School P&C are very passionate and have worked very diligently to foster community support and look for creative ways to fundraise outside of the direct school population as well as within the school community”, the Principal said. “Magnetic Island State School is achieving great results and this is directly related to the great partnership between the school and P&C.”


Everton Park State School:
P&C of the Month for April 2018

Everton Park State School P&C were the Metro North Area winners in the 2017 P&C of the Year Awards.

The P&C is proud of the close-knit community at the school and its extremely engaged parent group. Their P&C meetings are a positive environment, where all attendees are encouraged to speak with candour.

P&C funds have been used to provide a POS system in the uniform shop, lunchtime games for Prep students, safety upgrades for the Special Ed Unit and art club resources. A substantial annual contribution is made for the school’s ongoing IT infrastructure improvement plan and a large grant was secured for a new music room.

Consistency in the P&C executive team has helped the school community and the P&C deal with the challenges of working with several principals over recent years. The executive team meets with the principal a week prior to each P&C meeting to discuss any current matters. This ensures that at the P&C meeting there is consensus on shared objectives and shows attendees there is clarity of strategy.


St Lawrence State School:
P&C of the Month for March 2018

St Lawrence State School P&C were a Central Queensland entrant in the 2017 P&C of the Year Awards. St Lawrence is a small school of fewer than 10 students.

The P&C is a key driver in the annual Xmas Fair, which is the largest event on the town’s calendar, with 150-200 people attending. P&C volunteers provide catering for many school and town events and host movie nights for the whole community. The P&C even held a sausage sizzle in Sarina, 1.5 hours’ drive from St Lawrence.

The new uniform implemented by the P&C has lifted standards and expectations within the school, and they have also introduced a new tuckshop menu, with a knife and fork meal each Thursday. The P&C provides support so that all students at the school have the opportunity to attend school camps with a cluster of other small schools across Central Queensland.

Principal James Morley said “The P&C have always been very dedicated and enthusiastic in providing opportunities for our school community to build and improve”.


Coomera Rivers State School:
P&C of the Month for February 2018

Coomera Rivers State School P&C were the South East Area winners in the 2017 Awards.

In 2017, Coomera Rivers State School was the second-largest primary school in the Queensland public system (Prep–Year 6) with just under 1400 students enrolled.

The P&C is very proud of its “army” of around 150 regular volunteers, plus a further 100 who work from home. All volunteers are inducted annually in child protection, school safety and behaviour in and around the school.

The P&C co-ordinates production of an annual school yearbook, conducts a biennial Community Fair, assists with a mammoth Christmas concert attended by more than 4000 people and celebrates each term with a Principal’s Breakfast for school families.

They also hold a range of parent forums on supporting student learning, run a buy-swap-sell Facebook page where families can buy and sell school items, and hold an annual trivia or bingo night for adults including baby-sitting.


Trinity Beach State School:

P&C of the Month for February 2018

Trinity Beach State School P&C (Tropical North Learning Academy) were the Far North Queensland Area winners in the 2017 P&C of the Year Awards.

The P&C works closely with the school principal and staff to enhance the learning and social environment for all students at the school. They actively contribute to educational programs, funding of projects and improvements within the school.

The P&C acknowledges that not all volunteers and supporters are interested in attending meetings and running events, and pride themselves on offering a variety of opportunities to allow the community to contribute.

In 2012, the P&C (in collaboration with the school leadership team and parents) developed its first strategic plan, which has provided long-term direction and focus and has improved systems and operations to ensure that P&C businesses are profitable.

The school principal said “Trinity Beach SS has been extremely fortunate to have passionate, professional, long-term P&C members who have worked tirelessly to improve outcomes and provide greater opportunity for our students, staff and families”.






The P&Cs below were are featured in our 2017 Queensland P&C Calendar, produced and sponsored by advancedlife school photography and print specialists.



Ipswich West State School:
P&C of the Month for November 2017

Ipswich West State School P&C were the Metro South Area Winners in 2016.

‘As a newly formed P&C (2016) with all new executive members, we connect with and engage parents, carers and the wider community, support and provide activities for students to have an interesting and fulfilling school life, and raise funds for school activities and improvement projects through a range of community activities and events.’

According to Principal Cate Whiting, ‘The P&C Association plays a vital role in ensuring school community satisfaction with our school and that our students have an active, fulfilling school life by providing input into school strategic planning and daily operations; organising engaging, memorable school experiences; creating a sense of community through parent and carer contact and events; representing parents, carers and the wider community; and providing financial support and resources to enhance our school.’


Toowoomba State High School:
P&C of the Month for October 2017

Toowoomba State High School P&C were the Darling Downs South West Area winners in the 2016 P&C of the Year Awards.

In their nomination, they told us that the P&C had been focussing on parent engagement, with strategies aimed at providing a welcoming environment and increasing communication. The P&C ensures that all new families receive a welcome folder which includes P&C contact details, information on volunteering opportunities, canteen menu and a fridge-magnet calendar. A parent lounge has been established, and the P&C operates a ‘parent tent’ at swimming and athletics carnivals, where P&C members greet parents and offer refreshments throughout the day.

The school’s Principal said that the P&C is a valued part of the Toowoomba SHS school community.

‘Our P&C support staff and students through a variety of activities and are strong and active advocates for school facilities. Their dedication to and support of our school is greatly appreciated and valued.’


Mango Hill State School:
P&C of the Month for September 2017

Mango Hill SS P&C were North Coast Area entrants in the 2016 Awards.

Their most successful fundraising and community event is an annual Mud Run. This event is a 2km obstacle course which, while designed for children, is open to all members of the public and is not restricted to people from the school. In 2016, participants were aged from 6 years old to over 60 and came from as far away as the Northern Territory and Western Australia. The event encourages community participation through sponsorship packages, food vending, entertainment, market stalls and of course participation in the event itself.

2016 P&C President Marcus Toyne said, ‘We also cross into the ‘mud runners’ community with Obstacle Racers Australia supporting our event through their website, event calendar and regular newsletter. This has our little school event sitting beside events such as The Stampede, Tough Mudder and Spartan Race. Since our first event in 2015, we have noticed an increase in these events running child-friendly versions and are proud to know we were among the first.’

Principal Tracy Egan said, ‘Mango Hill State School P&C Association is a vibrant, hard-working group who have played a vital role in the establishment of the school. As a new school which opened in 2012, the P&C have played a meaningful role in the school’s decision making regarding a wide range of issues, policies and operational matters. The beliefs, expectations and experiences of the parents has been a powerful influence on the direction and values of the school. They promote effective communication with the community and promote high expectations for student learning and development.’


Mount Samson State School:
P&C of the Month for August 2017

Mount Samson SS P&C were the North Coast Area winners in 2016.

In their nomination, the P&C said, ‘MSSS P&C actively promotes our community spirit. In our small school, we have 42 P&C general members with around one-third attending meetings. In addition, we have wonderful volunteers assisting in the classrooms, tuckshop and at school events, as well as running our uniform shop.’

Principal Angela Bell said ‘Perhaps the most vital role of the P&C in our school is their proven ability to think strategically and proactively to develop productive partnerships across the community. Through garnering business support as well as raising awareness of our school and its culture, Mount Samson is able to grow and thrive while achieving excellent academic outcomes. The P&C is heavily involved in daily in operations and works collaboratively with the Principal to discuss progress and concepts to further promote and better our school as a whole.’



McDowall State School:
P&C of the Month for July 2017

McDowall SS P&C were Metro North Area winners and overall state winners in the 2016 P&C of the Year Awards. Their nomination highlighted the emphasis that the P&C places on developing connections within the school community.

2016 P&C President Soraya Bews said, ‘We believe having our school families involved in the classroom or at P&C activities will allow them to more freely connect with our teachers, our Principal, and the school. We find that the more invested our families are, the more they take part in their child’s learning experience, which greatly benefits our children by improving their educational outcomes, and which in turn strengthens our entire community.’

‘We are always looking for ways to improve what we do and when we identified that our volunteers were being over stretched, we adjusted our fundraising model to reduce volunteer demand and fatigue, resulting in improved volunteer retention’, Soraya said.



Surfers Paradise State School:
P&C of the Month for June 2017

Surfers Paradise SS P&C were the South East Area winners in the 2016 P&C of the Year Awards. The P&C have actively encouraged participation of parents within school fundraising activities, school sporting events and at P&C meetings. An increase in parent support for the school has largely come from the establishment of a clear and open communication channels and a willingness to listen and share by school leaders and the P&C. The P&C acknowledge that the future success of the school is intimately tied to the interaction of parents and the community.



Longreach School of Distance Education:
P&C of the Month for May 2017

PC Calendar 2017 cover pic_Page_10

The P&C at the Longreach School of Distance Education are different to most P&Cs – they represent 70 geographically isolated families and 133 students who live across the expanse of Queensland’s outback.

Monthly meetings are conducted the way lessons are taught: over the phone, with 25-30% of families represented at each meeting. The P&C is structured to provide opportunities for as many people as possible to participate in decisions and discussion.

The school’s principal said, ‘The P&C are very proud of our school and are happy to share that pride through the efforts of the LSODE P&C Tourism subcommittee. The Tourism program is run voluntarily by P&C members and all funds raised are put back into the school. Recently this has included a new reading scheme, playground equipment, shade for play areas, camps and the successful Beds for Bush Kids campaign.’

‘Every action of the P&C is about improving the school – its facilities and resources, its operations (both strategic and operational) and importantly the school culture. This is for the benefit of the students currently enrolled and to leave a legacy for future families.’



Denison SS:
P&C of the Month for April 2017

PC Calendar 2017 cover pic_Page_08

Denison SS P&C were the Central Area winners in the 2016 P&C of the Year Awards. In their nomination for the Awards, the school Principal said “Denison State School is very fortunate to have a very active P&C. All members of the school community are actively encouraged to make whatever contribution they can to the organisation and/or holding of events that enable the P&C to support the school. School community members support the P&C in an array of ways. Whether it is through the supply of donations, time, services or equipment all involvement is harnessed to ensure positive outcomes for the school and the children it serves.”

The P&C told us that they have more than doubled the number of P&C members over the last 18 months.

“We have built these friendships and working partnerships by:

  • chatting with parents at pickup/drop off times about the school & events
  • encouraging them to help out with ‘something they are good at’ opposed to something they know nothing about
  • thanking them continuously through social media and personal thanks
  • evoking a positive, physical presence at weekly parades and award ceremonies
  • communicating to parents and teachers via school newsletter, social media, verbal communication and email.

Our relationship with the teachers and staff has grown and they support us in everything we do. They assist us wherever possible in our events and we return the favour with parental classroom support or teaching and learning resources.”



Chelona SS: P&C of the Month for March 2017

PC Calendar 2017 cover pic_Page_06

Chelona State School P&C were entrants in the 2016 P&C of the Year Awards. As part of their nomination for the Awards, the P&C told us:

Chelona State School is a small rural school situated about 15 km south of Mackay, set in a farming district. Currently there are approximately 90 children attending the school.

Chelona P&C has a very high number of parents involved in the P&C for a small school, with between 10 and 20 people attending monthly P&C meetings.

Chelona SS and the P&C pride themselves on community engagement, with activities including:

  • Science Fair
  • Nebo Rodeo fundraising event
  • Inter-school sports events
  • Big Board fundraising event
  • School Awards and Xmas Party.

Principal Tonimaree Brown said “The Chelona SS P&C are absolutely phenomenal! We work so closely for our students’ wellbeing and academic outcomes and I’m privileged to be part of such an amazingly dynamic team.” According to the Principal, the P&C helped raise nearly $30000 through major fundraisers in the past 18 months.


Healy SS: P&C of the Month for February 2017

PC Calendar 2017 cover pic_Page_04

Healy State School P&C was awarded P&C of the Year for the North Queensland Area in 2016. Healy is a school of around 160 students in Mt Isa.

Principal David Hardy said “I feel extremely honoured to work alongside the dedicated and passionate members of our P&C”.

Some of the ways that the P&C contributes to the school are:

  • weekly breakfast club
  • weekly tuckshop
  • fundraising through student discos, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day stalls
  • organising regular working bees to maintain the school grounds
  • providing tokens of appreciation to staff (baked goods and notes of appreciation)
  • consistent appearances at assembly, sports days and special events
  • catering special events.

The P&C puts a strong focus on engaging parents and caregivers to be involved in any way they can. They believe that they will inspire more volunteers by recognising and valuing parents, caregivers and staff.


Malanda SS: P&C of the Month for January 2017

PC Calendar 2017 cover pic_Page_02

Malanda State School P&C was awarded P&C of the Year for the Far North Queensland Area in 2016. Malanda is a school of around 330 students on the Atherton Tableland.

The P&C actively looks for new & better ways to engage the school community. They have reviewed past activities and events and implemented new stategies to involve a broader cross section of the community through online registrations for volunteers, online tuckshop, google docs for ease of involvement for busy parents.

The P&C has found that by using new technologies, they have attracted new volunteers to help out with events and believe they are attracting more people to events through better information sharing via a Facebook page.

Principal Mark Allen said, “The relationship between the school and the community is incredibly strong, with genuine transparency of communication between the Principal and the P&C President.”