What is “parent engagement in education”? It is about families, school and community working in partnership to ensure positive educational, emotional and social outcomes for children.

Parents and families are a child’s first teachers, and can lend a great deal of assistance to the school environment to enhance learning outcomes and promote happy and healthy school and home experiences.

That is why P&Cs Qld is partnering with the Department of Education for our annual state conference in 2018 to help ensure every child has every chance. The conference draws together all the elements of a school community to build a healthy and happy environment with the express purpose to improve learning outcomes for children at school.


The department has released the updated Parents and Community Engagement (PACE) Framework, and I encourage all of you to digest these key elements identified through the program.



Effective communication is an exchange between students, parents, communities and schools that is inclusive and involves information sharing and opportunities to learn from each other.

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Partnerships between parents, students and schools promote student learning, wellbeing and high expectations for student success.

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Relationships between the school and wider community strengthen the ability of schools and families to support student learning, wellbeing and development outcomes.

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Parents, students and community members play meaningful roles in school decision-making.

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Respectful relationships between students, parents and the school community are valued and enhance the promotion of student learning and wellbeing.

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Queensland celebrates its diverse community and recognises the integral role parents and families play as partners in their children’s
education. Our state schools play a critical role in supporting this diversity, engaging with the community, and modelling and fostering
respectful relationships between learners and all members of the school.

Framework PDF 

Getting to know your child’s teacher as soon as you are able, and maintaining contact throughout the year is one of the most important things we can do as parents. All the research demonstrates that when families work closely with their school, that children do better, have better behaviour, better completion rates and improved life chances.

There are excellent, free, online resources to assist families with the positive development of their children and grandchildren. One of those that comes highly recommended by P&Cs Qld is the “Learning Potential” app which I use regularly with my own family. https://www.learningpotential.gov.au/

Consider joining your Parents and Citizens’ Association. It is one of the best methods of keeping up to date with your child’s progress and supporting your school community in all its endeavours. Visit your school’s website or telephone P&Cs Qld on 1800 218 228 (Freecall) for further assistance.

Kevan Goodworth, P&Cs Qld CEO