Good afternoon everyone,

P&Cs Qld is working closely with the Queensland Education Department, the Principals’ Associations and the Queensland Teachers Union around our response to the COVID-19 virus, particularly as it applies to our 1230 P&C associations, including their governance and business operations. We will continue to follow the advice of the state and federal governments around taking appropriate measures to ensure that we cooperate to maximise the welfare of our members. We encourage you to access the relevant government websites and Facebook pages to keep abreast of developments.

If state schools are to close because of this virus, please note that this decision is made by the Minister for Education and the Director-General Education, not individual Principals. Parents will be notified immediately if state school closures are to occur.

Obviously, this global health crisis is evolving daily, and our advice may change as new information becomes available. For our latest information, please follow us on Facebook.

We are currently responding to a range of queries concerning annual general meetings, the potential effect on P&C businesses, and fundraising events.

We can provide the following information:

For P&Cs that have not yet held their AGMs:

Video conferencing

You might like to consider inviting your members to Skype into the AGM (or use another type of video service). While the Constitution states that members must be “present” (P&C Constitution section 18.3), if a member is able to interact with the meeting (by phone or other method), then they are considered to be present at the meeting.

Members may also phone in to the meeting if absolutely necessary and be put on speaker phone. You will need to organise this ahead of time so that you know who is going to phone in, and to which phone number.

Votes cast by members on Skype or speaker phone can be counted but you will not be able to hold a secret ballot for the election of executives if you are using video conferencing or speaker phone for your meeting.

Postponing the AGM

If your P&C needs to postpone the AGM, you must give a minimum of 14 days’ notice of the new meeting date. It is likely that this would now mean that you are unable to hold your AGM before 31 March. Your Principal will notify your Regional Office and you should schedule your AGM for a new date as soon as you are able.

Current P&C executives will need to continue in their positions until the AGM can be held and a new committee elected.

General P&C meetings

The P&C Constitution (section 18.4) states that P&Cs must hold three general meetings per semester (six per year). Please make your own local decisions as to whether the P&C cancels or re-schedules meetings.

Cancelling fundraising or other events

The situation with COVID-19 is changing daily. Your P&C should, in consultation with your Principal, follow the current advice of the state and federal governments regarding large gatherings.

Proceeding with or cancelling a P&C event is a decision of the P&C. Your P&C should consider the risks and implications and ensure that the decision is communicated clearly to the school community.

P&Cs with paid employees

Please contact your employer association (e.g. CMSolutions) for any employment advice.


We will continue to assist P&Cs via phone or email.

Kevan Goodworth, CEO