P&C members especially those who participated in FNQ QCPCA at Branch, Regional, State levels are invited to share their stories to collect the history of Parent Advocacy in Far North Queensland State Schools.

In 2022 Qld Council of Parents and Citizens’ Association (QCPCA) trading as P&Cs Qld will celebrate its Diamond Jubilee. Over 70 years of history will be recorded reflecting the huge impact Queensland school parents have had on the development of this state’s education and student welfare.

P&Cs Qld CEO Kevan Goodworth acknowledges the active involvement of P&Cs in Far North Queensland school communities, especially those who participated at a Branch, Regional and State level, and encourages any past members, with a story or memorabilia to share, to get in touch or attend one of three FNQ Events.

“It’s extremely important to capture the history of P&Cs in the region and collect the stories and memorabilia from the last 70+ years of parent advocacy,” said Mr Goodworth.

“Many people may not realise that in the 1950’s, amenities for children in schools were only provided by school communities. These included such basic things as toilets and grounds, desks and lighting! The things we take for granted today were due to the action and lobbying of parents and communities.”

What was your “One Great Thing”? Or do you have many great stories to share?

P&Cs Qld are starting a state wide project of collecting the stories from regional Queensland P&Cs and past QCPCA Members. Please come and share your memories and stories, photos and documents so we can piece together the role parents and school communities have played.

Oral Historian, Elisabeth Gondwe will be visiting this region from the 19-24th of May 2019 to discover and record your stories. If you can’t come along, we would still like to hear from you.

Events are being held at:
Malanda: Sunday afternoon 19th May at 2.00 pm at the Malanda Hotel;
Cairns: Tuesday 21st May at 10.00 am 487 McCoombe St. Mooroobool;
Port Douglas: Wednesday 22nd May at 2.00 pm at St. Andrews Anglican Church Hall at Endeavour St., Port Douglas.

To attend one of the events, or contribute via phone or one on one interview, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Sue Fairley, 0417735724 or fairleys@bigpond.com; Mary Lyle, 0418182197 or gmlyle99@gmail.com; Rosemary Iloste, 0448533592 or r_iloste@hotmail.com; Vivienne Ruffles, 0458985515 or vruffles@yahoo.com.au

Elisabeth is also keen to hear from past and present Individual P&C’s with a story to tell. Please contact Elisabeth on 0422344466 or Elisabeth.gondwe@bigpond.com.

For media interviews contact:

Elisabeth Gondwe, Oral Historian on 0422344466 or

Kevan Goodworth
CEO P&Cs Qld
0419 026 296

Diamond Jubilee