The P&C of the Year Awards began in 2015 to help celebrate, acknowledge and reward the hard work of P&C members who devote their time to improving the education of children and supporting our state schools. The Awards will not only recognise the valuable work of P&Cs, but also nurture leadership skills and allow for the sharing of knowledge.

The Awards will be presented to P&C associations throughout Queensland that demonstrate excellence and are making a real difference in their school communities.

P&Cs Qld will launch the awards on P&C Day: Friday 25 May, 2018, during National Volunteer Week in May.

We invite P&Cs and school communities to submit nominations.

The winner will be announced at the P&Cs Qld State Conference in September annually.

Nomination forms for the 2018 P&C of the Year Awards are now available for viewing.


Key Dates: 

Launch 25 May 2018 

Nominations close 20 July 2018 

Judging completed and Area Winners informed August 2018

State Winner announced 8 Sept: 2018 Annual State Conference

2017 P&C of the Year Winner


Photos from the awards ceremony, held during the P&Cs Qld State Conference on 9 September, can be viewed on Dropbox.


2017 P&C of the Year Area Winners

Click below to see the visual presentations from the 2017 Area winners.

Begonia State School (Darling Downs South West Area)

Coomera Rivers State School (South East Queensland Area)

Everton Park State School (Metro North Area)

Magnetic Island State School (North Queensland Area)


The Caves State School (Central Queensland Area)

Tropical North Learning Academy Trinity Beach State School (Far North Queensland Area)

West End State School (Metro South Area)

Mooloolaba State School (North Coast Area and P&C of the Year 2017)


Past P&C of the Year Winners

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