While P&Cs Qld does not promote “schoolies week” participation, as partners in education and fellow parents we understand that support and education for parents and their children attending the end-of-year celebrations is vital to help enhance the safety of our young people.

As part of the Safer Schoolies Initiative, the Queensland Government has offered a range of safety and support services at the key Schoolies destinations in Queensland.

Parents and caregivers are also advised of the following:

“Providing alcohol to underage children where there is no responsible supervision is not only dangerous, it is illegal. Penalties are high.

If you get caught providing alcohol to your underage child for consumption in an unsupervised environment, you will face penalties of up to $9752.”

Resources are available on a Queensland Government dedicated website.

A Facebook page Schoolies Info for Parents has also been established.


Volunteer at Schoolies

Each year the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and many Government and community agencies participate in the Safety Response in order to help Year 12 school leavers safely celebrate their end to formal youth education.

Volunteers participate through several community organisations or through a specific pool of volunteers recruited each year for the Schoolies Support Team. Volunteers are asked to apply according to a set of guidelines and conditions, and provided with training.

To find out how to volunteer:

Schoolies Headquarters is located at:

  • Level 1, The Forum, 26-32 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise and will operate 24 hours from 6am Saturday 19 November to 10pm Saturday 26 November, 2016.


Other resources

Red Frogs is a support program for young people from the ages of 15–25. Red Frogs recognise that the culture of young people is dominated by alcohol and that excessive consumption of alcohol and other substances can lead to dangerous and life-altering behaviours. Red Frogs make it their mission to provide a positive peer presence in alcohol-fuelled environments where young people gather, educate young people on safe partying behaviours, and promote and provide non-alcoholic and/or diversionary activities that engage young people in these environments.


Alternative Schoolies programs