The “Parents” section on the Student Wellbeing Hub is your starting point for information and resources about important topics to help make your child’s experience at school a safe and positive one. Parents play a vital role in the mental health, happiness and wellbeing of their children, which in turn affects their sense of identity as well as their achievement. When parents work in partnership with their child’s school there is a shared understanding of the values and behaviours that contribute to a respectful and supportive learning environment.

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National Safe Schools framework

The National Safe Schools Framework outlines the important role of educators, parents, carers and the wider community in working with schools to create and maintain safe and supportive learning and teaching communities that build respectful relationships. The Framework is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and the individual national, state and territory initiatives, policies and legislative frameworks currently in place to support students’ safety and wellbeing.



Click here for accessable resources on topics such as teenage depression, Safe Schools Coalition, school rules, and anti bullying information.