UPDATED 15/2/18: The Container Recycling Scheme is now beginning in NOVEMBER 2018.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and Boomerang Alliance are delivering information sessions to community organisations throughout Queensland about the upcoming container refund scheme (CRS) and single-use lightweight plastic shopping bag ban, where participants are provided with information to help them prepare for the introduction of the CRS.

P&Cs Qld is working with the Department of Education and Training to establish a clear process to help P&Cs and state schools benefit from the CRS program when it begins in NOVEMBER 2018. Interested schools and P&Cs can seek further advice and register their interest with the P&Cs Qld State Office: enquiries@pandcsqld.com.au

Email kellie.lindsay@boomerangalliance.org.au to find out where you can attend the community information sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: The Container Refund Scheme now begins 1 NOVEMBER 2018

Plastic bag ban

From 1 July 2018, single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags—like the ones you get with groceries and takeaways—are done.

Littered plastic shopping bags often end up in waterways where marine wildlife such as sea turtles and sea birds can swallow, or become entangled in, them.

The impacts of plastic pollution on our environment and marine life are a very real concern, and banning plastic shopping bags (including compostable, degradable and biodegradable plastic shopping bags) will help to reduce the total amount of plastic in the environment.

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