Insurance and affiliation renewal

P&Cs Qld annual insurance and affiliation renewal notices have been posted to P&Cs from Monday 5 February (at the school’s postal address). Please keep an eye out for the envelope, which is addressed to the P&C Treasurer. Fees are due by 1 March. We look forward to your continuing affiliation and being able to support

Waiting for update on P&C Award increase

We are expecting that the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission will publish an update to the Parents and Citizens Associations Award – State 2016 with an increase to pay rates, effective 1 September 2017. As soon as this update is available from the QIRC, we will make an announcement on the P&Cs Qld website and on

Textile clothing and footwear annual report no longer required

Textile clothing and footwear annual report no longer required We have just been made aware that schools and P&Cs no longer need to request suppliers to submit a statutory declaration regarding their compliance to the Code of Practice on Employment and Outwork Obligations for Textile Clothing and Footwear, effective immediately. The annual reporting requirement for the purchase

Vote for QCPCA Board Directors

Two positions for elected directors on the QCPCA Board will become vacant at the Annual General Meeting in September. P&Cs that are current financial members of P&Cs Qld, and P&Cs Qld Life Members are entitled to one vote each. Ballot papers and candidate information have been mailed to eligible members, and P&Cs are asked to

The National Fete Research Project

Our friends at the Fundraising Directory are undertaking a National Fete Research Project – the very first large scale-survey of school fetes in Australia. In collaboration with The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Studies based at the Queensland University of Technology, this research will deliver important data for school parent committees and the organisations