April 2018

Welcome back to term 2 for 2018

What an exciting time we have all just had with the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast! Congratulations to all the student performers and athletes who took part in the Games and highlighted the wonderful skill, talent and friendship of Queensland. Through these activities we all are lucky to create new and life-long friendships and memories.



Gayle Walters (centre) and the QCPCA Board


Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce

I have recently been selected to represent the parent voice on the Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce.

As a parent of three daughters who have, throughout their schooling, experienced some forms of bullying and cyber-bullying, I am very passionate about ensuring that the parent voice on this terrible problem in our schools and society is heard.

Taskforce Chair, Madonna King, is leading a group of principals, teachers, parents, students, universities, mental health professionals and youth leaders.
The role of the taskforce is to provide advice and co-ordination in relation to developing and implementing an anti-cyberbullying framework for Queensland that will counter bullying, harassment and violence amongst young people.

The responsibilities of the taskforce include:

  • developing a proposed framework to address bullying, and present recommendations for community and government action to reduce the incidence of bullying and cyber-bullying by 31 August 2018;
  • advising the government on the development of a program of activities under the framework;
  • advising the government on resources, best practice and other strategies to prevent and address bullying behaviour in order to provide appropriate training and intervention;
  • consulting with the Queensland community to gain insights of those affected by bullying and harness grass roots ideas on ways to tackle the issue;
  • educating and engaging Queenslanders to create a community that practises positive attitudes and behaviours, and promotes a culture of non-violence and respectful relationships;
  • acting as a liaison point between the community and government to encourage ownership of initiatives.

To help us achieve these responsibilities, we need your help! We need all our parents, students, teachers and community members to be part of the state-wide consultation process that is currently underway. A range of workshop sessions will be held across the State from mid-April until early May to talk to parents, students, teachers, principals and communities, to get your insight, your ideas and your suggestions for how we can address and prevent cyber-bullying. Once the venues have been confirmed, all the events will be on the P&Cs Qld website and the Premier’s Anti-bullying website.

At any time, you can make a written submission to the Taskforce through their website as well. Out there in our communities, there may well be an answer to how we can combat and prevent bullying of our children and make them feel safe and secure in their schools and communities. When you see the workshops near you, please come along – join in the conversation, tell your story and tell us how we can all work together to be part of the solution to this terrible problem.

Gayle Walters, President, on behalf of the QCPCA Board